[Freeswitch-dev] ignore_early_media in mod_conference

Szymon Olko solko at gcdf.pl
Fri Apr 24 05:41:08 PDT 2009


What is the purpose of ignore_early_media in conference <x> dial command? It's only set in case when conference does not exist.
'bgdial' command does not work like that. It's like that:

	conference does not exist = ignore_early_media=true
	conference exist = nothing
	conference does not exist = nothing
	conference exist = nothing

I want to use dial command with bgapi and receive later BACKGROUND_JOB event. Is it possible to remove that
'ignore_early_media=true' from conference mod and let users set it if they want?

Second thing regarding variables attached to dial string is that when setting the same variable few times last occurrence is set
in events. Below example produces variable_camle1=nietest.

conference test dial {camel1=test,camel2=test2,camel1=nietest}sofia/internal/1001%

When I make 'conference <x> dial' command I cannot change behavior of ignore_early_media, but value in event is changed.
For example (conference does not exist):
 conference test dial {ignore_early_media=false}sofia/gateway/429956/80504318131 at
blocks and ignores early media, debug output is like that:

2009-04-24 12:34:38 [DEBUG] switch_ivr_originate.c:1077 switch_ivr_originate() variable string 0 = [ignore_early_media=true]
2009-04-24 12:34:38 [DEBUG] switch_ivr_originate.c:1077 switch_ivr_originate() variable string 1 = [ignore_early_media=false]

But CHANNEL_ORIGINATE event looks like that:

variable_ignore_early_media: false
variable_originate_early_media: false

It would be good to have the same like with custom variables, that the last value is used, so I can override what is set in code.

Best regards
Szymon Olko

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