[Freeswitch-dev] switch_buffer(s)

Robert Clayton rjcajax at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 21:33:09 PDT 2009


I was thinking of taking a defined channel's audio input, manipulating
the audio, and feeding the result back to the caller as requested by

I was hoping to use C# and mod_managed. Assuming the functions can be
called, in some way, using C#.

Anthony gave a brief suggestion of reading raw audio data from
switch_buffer, in a way similar to reading from a file. (Which I yet
do not understand).
Again I would need to be able to both read and write audio to a channel.

Can anyone provide me a high level overview of audio buffering in FS.

Are two audio buffers created, one for the audio input of a channel
and one for Audio output?
Are they blocking if not read?
What portion of the code would I best reference to understand how this
could be accomplished?
Is the state of any such buffer(s) defined in channel variables?


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