[Freeswitch-dev] Entire Wiki.FreeSwitch.org on Single PDF ?

Mitul Limbani mitul at enterux.com
Wed Apr 15 00:22:50 PDT 2009

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}Hello there,
 In my previous encounter with FreeSwitch, I had found that Bret had
posted on the Mailing List somewhere about availability of the entire
FreeSwitch Wiki Documentation on a single PDF, this is useful coz at
the offset apart from Wiki there is no other offline media to learn
 Is the same PDF available looking at the growth of Wiki pages and
the updation.
 I look forward to hear from you guys,
 Thanks & Regards, 
 Mitul Limbani, 
 Founder & CEO, 
 Enterux Solutions, 
 The Enterprise Linux Company (TM), 
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