[Freeswitch-dev] Skype interaction commands on skypiax

Giovanni Maruzzelli gmaruzz at celliax.org
Thu Apr 2 01:35:21 PDT 2009

Hi all,

mod_skypiax is Skype compatible endpoint that allows incoming and
outbound calls to/from the Skype network and SkypeOut service. It's
seen by FS like other endpoints, so you can originate from sofia,
bridge to skypiax, and connect the call to a landline number via
SkypeOut service, for eg.
skypiax endpoint use a Skype client to interact with the Skype network
(see the wiki page for more details

The news are:
now you can send commands to the skype client related to a skyiax
interface, both from the FS command line and programmatically

This allow you to use directly the entire power of the Skype API (
https://developer.skype.com/Docs/ApiDoc ), for eg to send chat
messages, interact with the buddy list, etc etc.
Typing "console loglevel 9" at the FS command line allows you to see
the Skype API answers from the Skype client instance.

So, in short: you bring loglevel to 9 (so you can see the Skype API
messages going back and forth), you use "sk" or "skypiax" to send
Skype API commands to the Skype client instance.

This way you can prototype extensions to the current mod_skypiax, that
can then be implemented in C directly into the mod_skypiax source

Please, let me know of extensions you would like to be integrated into
the mod_skypiax code ;-).


Giovanni Maruzzelli
via Pierlombardo 9, 20135 Milano
gmaruzz at celliax dot org
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