[Freeswitch-dev] Mod conference, dial commad dont work without default profile + patch

Szymon Olko solko at gcdf.pl
Wed Apr 1 03:23:37 PDT 2009

Anthony Minessale pisze:
> The best way to submit patches is to file it on jia so it gets a ticket
> number and is properly reviewed.
> http://jira.freeswitch.org
I did it as you proposed. You fixed that your way, which of course is better. I know You are busy so no time to educate me, but I
would be very graceful for short comment to my patch.

Changing subject...
I really like FS idea and design. I would like to make some code for FS in my free time. I know I have to learn a lot, I looked at
FS code but the best to know it is to make real development. Is there any TODO list with modules that are requested/needed to be
done? I could start with simple not urgent module and this way get knowledge to make more advanced things.

Szymon Olko
> 2009/3/25 Szymon Olko <solko at gcdf.pl>
>     Hello,
>     I deleted default profile from conference.conf.xml and from that
>     time I could not connect second outgoing channel to conference.
>     I located problem in searching for conference with
>     'switch_core_hash_find' function. Only name of conference is stored
>     in hash so
>     looking for something like 'name at profile' did not find any. In my
>     opinion it always used second attempt to dial when conference
>     was not found, and it successes only if default profile is available.
>     There is also bgdial problem which do not allow to call to not
>     existing conference, but in function conf_api_sub_bgdial it looks
>     like it was meant to work. I have to know freeswitch code better to
>     fix it.
>     I created patch to solve first problem. This is my first patch so
>     please give me comments so next time I do it better. I choose
>     this way to learn how freeswitch modules are made. I would also like
>     if someone could review my patch and tell me if this is a way
>     mod_conference should work. I assumed that looking for conference is
>     for connecting members to existing conference, and that it's
>     should work like that. Previously it did not find conference if
>     profile was given in command.
>     Szymon Olko
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