[Freeswitch-dev] usage of <anti-action application="respond" data="407"/>

Thomas Mangin thomas.mangin at exa-networks.co.uk
Sun Sep 7 15:04:15 EDT 2008


Could someone tell me if I understand this correctly please.

file src/mod/endpoints/mod_sofia/mod_sofia.c line 1021 in case 
SWITCH_MESSAGE_INDICATE_RESPOND which is what is used by the "respond" 

The domain used to create the challenge is "sip_to_host", which is good 
when I want to challenge a message DESTINED to the machine itself, 
however not great if you want to challenge a message to another domain 
routed through the dialplan like explained on 
http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Misc._Dialplan_Tools_respond .

When I am calling 888 at conference.freeswitch.org, with my phone 
me at domain.com , I challenge the call in the dialplan with a "respond" 
"407" which sent me back user="me" realm="conference.freeswitch.org" due 
to sofia_reg_auth_challenge(NULL, tech_pvt->profile, tech_pvt->nh, 
REG_INVITE, to_host, 0);

Is it a bug ?
Should it really be "from_host".

Can it be changed without breaking existing installation ?

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