[Freeswitch-dev] MS Access (mdb) and FreeSwitch - Javascript?

Michael Giagnocavo mgg at giagnocavo.net
Tue Oct 28 00:42:21 EDT 2008

Well, if JavaScript is the overarching requirement, then you can probably stick to the JS version and just sort out the problems.

If you're up to do Java (totally different than JS), then you can probably handle VB.NET, which will have better MS Access support in general.

Finally, there is a Javascript compiler for .NET (Jscript.NET/ Jscript 8):

This might give you the familiarity of Javascript, while having access to the full .NET API.

So, it really depends on how comfortable you are. To any "professional" developer, I'd recommending going the .NET way, but if this is just a side thing, you gotta decide.


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Hi Michael.
I appreciate your suggestions and will definitely consider them.
Here is my background and the scenario.

One amateur/hobby programmer (me) that has not programmed in anything but JavaScript for a long, long time but does have spare time to try (re)learning a few things to do this project better.

The project itself does not have to be to the standards of a professional developers polished masterpiece, it can be cobbled together and just needs to work well enough to be tested in the field. Refinements can be done later by pros if that is needed.

The FreeSwitch application must run in Windows on a machine where other windowed applications (e.g. www.scheduleview.com, custom MS Access calendar/scheduler templates, etc) will be running at the same time. Call volumes are very small (maybe 3 at once but usually 1 or 2) and the windowed applications don't run often (i.e. think of a receptionist scheduling an appointment for a patient with a doctor in a private practice using a software appointment calendar). Freeswitch will be connected to a regular phone line and it's speech recognition engine will be used to have client automatically "self-schedule" an appointment. I'm only using FreeSwitch because when I started looking a LumenVox's speech recognition engine, the LumenVox people said I needed to connect all this up with Asterisk. However, Asterisk won't do since it's Linux only and I do not want a seperate telephony server talking to a Windows box. FreeSwitch seemed like a better choice since it's available as a native Windows application and actually uses the same speech engine that LumenVox uses from Carnagie-Mellon. Maybe FreeSwitch is over kill to connect the things I want???

MS Access (mdb) databases are used by say www.scheduleview.com which gives me a good GUI interface or I might need to make up some MS Access application to do this. VB programming may then be needed but I would like to get around this with things I'm more familiar with like JavaScript (or even stretching a bit on my part by possibly using Java) and using the browser with an offline webpage.

Note that there can be no internet connections involved in any of this.



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Why not use mod_managed, and write in VB, F# or C#? Then you can use System.Data and the native OleDb for Access. What is your scenario?


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Running FreeSwitch on Windows in an "low-key" "home set-up" type situation, I would like to access an MS Access database.

As I understand it so far, FreeSwitch can connect to it's sqlite db and has an ODBC driver for Unix/Linux based db's but my use needs a way to connect Access.

There are automatic syncs between Access and SQlite (http://code.google.com/p/mdb-sqlite/) that maybe a solution. Maybe I could use FreeSwitch's Javascript with Java (eg. liveconnect) and JDBS to get at MS Access, or maybe just use FreeSwitches Java and JDBS to connect to Access (http://www.planet-source-code.com/vb/scripts/ShowCode.asp?txtCodeId=2691&lngWId=2).

Frankly, I don't know which way would be best and there probably are better ways to read and/or write to MS Access from FreeSwitch.

Please help with any suggestions on how to do this.



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