[Freeswitch-dev] Critical module load (abort FS on failure)

Matt Klein mklein at nmedia.net
Sat Oct 11 21:49:42 EDT 2008

Good feature.

On Sat, 11 Oct 2008, Michael Giagnocavo wrote:

> Hello,
>        I wrote a tiny feature to allow configuration of a module as critical. This is done in the modules.conf.xml file by adding critical="true" to any load element. It works by making FreeSWITCH completely fail module loading (and hence exit) if any critical module does not return true.
>        The idea is that if FS fails to load something important, then the FS process will exit. This allows you to know very immediately when something failed versus figuring it out at runtime.
>        Any comments in general? Also, should this be set on any modules in the default configs? In particular, I was thinking some of the other language plugins that are commented out. If someone uncomments them, it's because they want to use it. Hence, if it fails, it should probably fail right in their face by exiting. Should other modules have this set by default? (Sofia?)
> Thanks,
> -Michael
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