[Freeswitch-dev] hello and question

Michael Giagnocavo mgg at giagnocavo.net
Mon May 26 00:50:57 EDT 2008

>> There is a higher level scripting interface to the application API to
>> further simplify things if the C API is too challenging.
>It looks very useful for application developers, not so useful for
>high-performance new kinds of endpoints, which is what I'm working on.

What endpoint are you developing? (And there's a mod to let you write in higher level languages and still use the C API if that's interesting.)

>> If anyone else out there who had made some modules would care to chime
>> in on how they got started that would be nice too.
>That would be helpful, for sure.

I just wrote a module -- and I barely know C. Best way to learn is to read the code. Get an IDE with a call browser (VS has this) and start digging. Not to be mean, but mod_reference is... right in the endpoints folder, as are the other endpoints. For specific questions, ask and you'll be helped quickly. If you like, document the answers on the wiki.

Compared to certain projects *cough* * *cough*, the source is amazingly clear; it can't be THAT hard to get going. Plus, the IRC channel (still) has intelligent people who can answer your questions, usually right away. anthm, MikeJ, and bkw have been excellent help even with the constant newbie questions.

Asking for "a good set of docs" like it's some kind of novel idea is rather pointless (and mandatory? Yea...ok). I think everyone would agree it'd be great if every little function was fully documented, along with developer guides, etc. So lay down some money and maybe someone will go ahead and do it. Or go learn and publish your docs. Or perhaps after 1.0 is out, someone else will get around to it. If the comparison is to Asterisk, and people aren't scared off by that, but are by FS, well then I'm not sure if there's any helping them.

Just out of curiosity, what other projects like FS are out there?


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