[Freeswitch-dev] [Freeswitch-users] Sun T2000 Fund Raiser...

J. Javier Maestro freeswitch-devel at nosys.es
Sat Mar 22 21:08:07 EDT 2008

On Mar Wed 19 2008 23:01, Matt Porter wrote:
> Rent it..
> http://www.btinet.net/01_Server_Host/03a_Solaris_SPARC/index.html
> http://dedicatedserver.com/solutions/hosting/sun.cfm

Perhaps, SUN will be willing to "help"


	Try Our Products Free for 60 Days and then Buy at 25 - 45% Off

	How do you know how well a hot new product will work in your
	environment? You have to try it. Test it. Stress it. It's easier than
	ever to plug in Sun's newest, coolest products free for 60 days, with
	full technical support. You pay nothing—not even shipping.  And, if
	you decide to buy your trial system, it is at 25 - 45% off. It's
	almost too good to be true.

Try talking to your nearest SUN dealer and talk them into sponsoring, etc.
Also, if you throw in the mix some "bundling" of the tests with other SUN
products, say, something about OpenSolaris (testing FreeSwitch
compilation under OpenSolaris, see how good it runs in a T2000 with
OpenSolaris or Solaris itself, stressing a setup with MySQL in the mix too,
now that they purchased it, etc) they might be more receptive.

Specially if you present some really cool results in the ClueCON 2008 with
the brand new RC1 :D

If you follow up on this, please tell the list (or at least me :) because I
was thinking in requesting one of these beabies myself to try some database
and web server stressing tests myself :D

Just my 2 cents!


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