[Freeswitch-dev] YAML support as an alternative of XML for configuration

Michael Giagnocavo mgg at giagnocavo.net
Fri Jun 27 12:45:27 EDT 2008

Just one note for XML: If you don't like the speed, then use Fast Infoset. As an example, writing the FS CDRs with the same XML schema, but Fast Infoset encoded, reduces the size by about 50%, with GZIP on top of it giving another 50%. (So total, 4K->1K.) Parsing is much faster too (2-10x depending which benchmark). All you have to do is switch out the actual reader/writer with a Fast Infoset one - its XML formatted otherwise (so as long as your XML API has some level of abstraction, you're good to go).

OTOH, YAML takes some ideas from RFC 822, just like SIP. So you know that means its good.


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Hi everyone -

I really love this project... I love the design you guys took with FS,
I love the stability, the features, the openness of it, it's the VoIP
platform I always dreamed of it... FreeSWITCH is what Asterisk should
have been.

But I just don't like one thing: XML.

I also don't intend to create a flame war or troll with this thread,
please take this as a suggestion of someone that really wants to use
FS... XML is the only reason why I still stay with Asterisk, I just
can't like XML, and I don't like Asterisk as well, I want FreeSWITCH
stability, features, etc, but I can't like XML, not even if I try to,
it's too slow to use/write, verbose and complex.

As a sysadmin point of view, I prefer parameter=value but I realize
the advantages of XML (data serialization, etc), this is also why I
don't use mod_dialplan_asterisk, because I think it's time for
something better than INI files, but XML isn't for me, I'm a
Linux/UNIX guy and I don't want a GUI either, I love CLI, but I want
something simple to use, read and write, and I think YAML is the best
of the both worlds.

I would like to have more than one option to configure FreeSWITCH,
also, not everyone likes to do the same thing the same way and it
would be really cool if FS gives this freedom to people...

I would really like to see YAML as a configuration option in
FreeSWITCH, give me this any day and I swear I don't toch Asterisk
_ever again_, YAML can be used for data serialization and it's more
simple than XML, Ruby projects like Rails uses it.

Take a look here:


"YAML(tm) (rhymes with "camel") is a human-friendly, cross language,
Unicode based data serialization language designed around the common
native data types of agile programming languages. It is broadly useful
for programming needs ranging from configuration files to Internet
messaging to object persistence to data auditing. Together with the
Unicode standard for characters, this specification provides all the
information necessary to understand YAML Version 1.2 and to create
programs that process YAML information. "

Please consider it, I'm also willing to pay for a mod_yaml, other than
this I really love FreeSWITCH and I think it's great, I will switch in
a heartbeat if you guys add support for it ;-)

Best regards,


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