[Freeswitch-dev] .NET Development

Michael Giagnocavo mgg at giagnocavo.net
Wed Jun 25 20:49:26 EDT 2008

Hi Patrick,

What kind of .NET application are you developing? In the contrib folder there is the .NET event socket code (I think that's where it is). But I don't know anything about that.

I do know a bit about mod_mono, so I'll talk about that:

To get mod_mono to build, you'll need Windows and VS 2008 (well, I don't have the linux build steps anyways). You'll have to generate mono.lib for your compiler. From here:

"On windows you need to generate an import library for mono.dll by getting the following file:


and creating mono.lib with the command:

      lib /nologo /def:mono.def /out:mono.lib /machine:x86
Make sure your PATH has the Mono bin folder in it (such as "C:\Program files\Mono-1.9.1\bin").

>From there, you can add mod_mono and mod_mono_managed to the build setting in the VS SLN and compile them. Load mod_mono in the modules.conf.xml, then drop your apps in <fsdir>\mod\mono\. If you compile debug, a few simple demos will compile and load (they are in the mod_mono_managed source, Demo.cs).

It's quite easy, as it uses the FS C++ API here's a simple, pointless app in Javascript for .NET:

import System;
import FreeSWITCH;
class JExample extends AppFunction
  protected override function Run()

                Here is a 40-line RSS reader (well, printer, since I haven't gotten Cepstral building on Windows) in F#:

namespace rss

open System
open System.Net
open System.IO
open System.Xml.Linq
open FreeSWITCH

module funcs =
    let httpGet (url : string) =
        let req = WebRequest.Create(url)
        use resp = req.GetResponse()
        use stream = resp.GetResponseStream()
        use reader = new StreamReader(stream)

    let getXDoc url = XDocument.Parse(httpGet url)
    let xname s = XName.Get(s)
    let getChannelTitle (doc : XDocument) = Seq.hd(doc.Descendants(xname "title")).Value
    let getItemData (item : XElement) = (item.Element(xname "title").Value, item.Element(xname "description").Value)
open funcs

type reader() =
    inherit AppFunction()
    member app.item : int = 0
    member app.say s =
        // We need to init the TTS and all that, but for now...
        Log.WriteLine(LogLevel.Info, "Say: " + s)
        //app.Session.Speak s |> ignore

    override app.Run() =
        app.Session.Answer |> ignore
        // app.Session.SetTtsParameters ("cepstral", "david")
        app.say ("Reading " + app.Arguments)
        let doc = getXDoc (app.Arguments)
        app.say (getChannelTitle doc)
        doc.Descendants(xname "item")
            |> Seq.map getItemData
            |> Seq.iter (fun (title, desc) ->
                app.say ("Item, " + title)
                app.say ("Description, " + desc))

Hope that helps a bit.

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I'm new to Freeswitch and trying to develop a .NET Application. I'm having a lot of trouble getting started though. There doesn't seem to be a lot support out there for this. My development has sort of come to a stand-still and I was wondering if anyone could help me get pointed in the right direction. Any help would be much appreciated.


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