[Freeswitch-dev] Answering Machine Detection

David Brazier David.Brazier at 360crm.co.uk
Mon Jun 2 02:47:52 EDT 2008

Hi Again

Maybe this should have been on freeswitch-dev in the first place.

After a bit more research, I see that switch_input_args_t has read_frame_callback - so maybe one could use that from an app to calculate the energy in successive frames in the same way that switch_ivr_record_file does.  But I can't see any other apps that use read_frame_callback.  Also, I'd need to call some switch function that takes a switch_input_args_t parameter - and those I can see like speak, playback and record all do things I don't want to do.  Though perhaps I could record to /dev/null.

Is there another way to get access to the media stream in an application?

Anyway, I may give read_frame_callback a go, but views/hints welcome.


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Hi All

Just wanted to clarify:
*       Is there any means of answering machine detection in FreeSwitch (along the lines of Asterisk app_amd)?
*       If not, could something like that be implemented in a custom app (I'm not sure if there is sufficient access to the media stream?), or does it need to be in the core?
*       If in the core, switch_ivr_record_file seems like a good starting point, as it already does speech detection.

I would hope I would be able to implement something starting from switch_ivr_record_file, but I didn't want to charge in at that level if it would be better done elsewhere.

Any thoughts appreciated.


PS Great project - a real credit to the open source community!

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