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David Brazier David.Brazier at 360crm.co.uk
Wed Jul 30 11:51:29 EDT 2008


Just wanted to check the status of mod_mono.  To build it from SVN trunk, I needed to run swig to update all that stuff, basically (I think) because it was last updated for 1.0.0 and the switch core has moved on since then.  That, along with a few other bumps, got it compiled and working on Windows.  On Linux, I have had to do more like work out prerequisites, write Makefiles, manually do the "swigStringFix" (Michael do you have a reference to what Mono bug that works around?) etc., but I have finally got mod_mono to load (but not tested yet).

So is it intended that the main FS build would incorporate all the above so that mod_mono/mod_mono_managed becomes a standard module (built but not necessarily loaded by default)?  Is anyone else working on this?

Should I update the wiki page?



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Hi Patrick,

       What kind of .NET application are you developing? In the contrib folder there is the .NET event socket code (I think that's where it is). But I don't know anything about that.

       I do know a bit about mod_mono, so I'll talk about that:

       To get mod_mono to build, you'll need Windows and VS 2008 (well, I don't have the linux build steps anyways). You'll have to generate mono.lib for your compiler. From here:
"On windows you need to generate an import library for mono.dll by getting the following file:
and creating mono.lib with the command:
      lib /nologo /def:mono.def /out:mono.lib /machine:x86
       Make sure your PATH has the Mono bin folder in it (such as "C:\Program files\Mono-1.9.1\bin").

       From there, you can add mod_mono and mod_mono_managed to the build setting in the VS SLN and compile them. Load mod_mono in the modules.conf.xml, then drop your apps in <fsdir>\mod\mono\. If you compile debug, a few simple demos will compile and load (they are in the mod_mono_managed source, Demo.cs).

It's quite easy, as it uses the FS C++ API here's a simple, pointless app in Javascript for .NET:

import System;
import FreeSWITCH;
class JExample extends AppFunction
  protected override function Run()

                Here is a 40-line RSS reader (well, printer, since I haven't gotten Cepstral building on Windows) in F#:

namespace rss

open System
open System.Net
open System.IO
open System.Xml.Linq
open FreeSWITCH

module funcs =
    let httpGet (url : string) =
        let req = WebRequest.Create(url)
        use resp = req.GetResponse()
        use stream = resp.GetResponseStream()
        use reader = new StreamReader(stream)

    let getXDoc url = XDocument.Parse(httpGet url)
    let xname s = XName.Get(s)
    let getChannelTitle (doc : XDocument) = Seq.hd(doc.Descendants(xname "title")).Value
    let getItemData (item : XElement) = (item.Element(xname "title").Value, item.Element(xname "description").Value)
open funcs

type reader() =
    inherit AppFunction()
    member app.item : int = 0
    member app.say s =
        // We need to init the TTS and all that, but for now...
        Log.WriteLine(LogLevel.Info, "Say: " + s)
        //app.Session.Speak s |> ignore

    override app.Run() =
        app.Session.Answer |> ignore
        // app.Session.SetTtsParameters ("cepstral", "david")
        app.say ("Reading " + app.Arguments)
        let doc = getXDoc (app.Arguments)
        app.say (getChannelTitle doc)
        doc.Descendants(xname "item")
            |> Seq.map getItemData
            |> Seq.iter (fun (title, desc) ->
                app.say ("Item, " + title)
                app.say ("Description, " + desc))

Hope that helps a bit.

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I'm new to Freeswitch and trying to develop a .NET Application. I'm having a lot of trouble getting started though. There doesn't seem to be a lot support out there for this. My development has sort of come to a stand-still and I was wondering if anyone could help me get pointed in the right direction. Any help would be much appreciated.



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