[Freeswitch-dev] Call Hold ans swapping on FXS

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I know some PBX's address this issue by using 'feature dialtone' and
letting the user dial feature code, e.g., FLASH + *1 is 3-way, FLASH +
*2 is call-swap, etc.  Another trick is to use FLASH-FLASH (kinda like a
double click) for feature access.


Would it be possible to set double flash to be the way you do a
call-swap and then a single flash, or single flash + feature code for


Just an idea to kick around.  Thoughts?





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I changed it to be options you have to set.

<!--<param name="hold-music" value="$${moh_uri}"/>-->
<!--<param name="enable-analog-option" value="call-swap"/>-->
<!--<param name="enable-analog-option" value="3-way"/>-->

in <settings> for global
or in <span> for local

*note* you cannot have both of these analog-options at once
because they compete.


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  I'am trying to use Freeswitch(with FXS) as a UA. Everything is
fine for a outgoing and incoming call. 

1)On doing a hold (flash) on the FXS the call is put on hold 
   but there no SIP signaling (i.e re-invite is not sent to the peer).
   How can I force freeswitch to send a re-invite?

2) I'am not able to establish a consultation call as it is conferenced
with the first
    one as soon as the second call is connected. This also prevents
    from swaping between calls. The call swapping feature seems to have
    been removed by introducing the transfer/conference feature.
    Is there away to achieve call swapping ?

Appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance




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