[Freeswitch-dev] Snom Contacts and FreeSWITCH Interop

Brian West brian.west at mac.com
Tue Jan 22 21:41:48 EST 2008

Does anyone have a way to contact a real person at Snom to get some  
feedback on these bugs?

I have four bugs one of which they have actually confirmed  
(Ticket#2007123010000023) and said will be fixed but I have three more  
that I have reported but haven't received any response on so  I re- 
reported them today... they were previously in the respond on  
Ticket#2007123010000023 but its been a while since I received anything:


RFC 2833 doesn't work when SRTP is enabled.  (Works great on Polycom)


SDP bug related to RTP/SAVP vs RTP/AVP in sdp and not accepting SAVP  
when you should for SRTP. (Polycom works great on this one too offers  


Phone lies about its true port number in registration and subscription  
when using TLS.  Will say one thing when it really means another.   
(Again polycom does this correctly)

Example the phone registers to FreeSWITCH using TLS you get this in  
the contact <sip:1000 at;transport=tls;line=uwohhel1>

<839>:netstat -na | grep
tcp        0      0                  ESTABLISHED

Notice they aren't the same port?  This will never work and requires  
many hacks to make this work correctly and we shouldn't have too, it  
should correctly report its port on register and subscribe.

I would like to get these issues resolved in the next firmware  
release.  If someone from Snom can call me.. I'm in Central Time (CST)  
my cellphone is listed at the bottom of this email.


Brian West



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