[Freeswitch-dev] Interface Freeswitch Conference to MSVAD/Windows Media Encoder

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Mon Dec 22 10:55:14 PST 2008

Does anyone know how to get audio from a freeswitch conference into WME? 
I have been using a sip call from the freeswitch box to a softphone on a
windows server, then a Virtual Audio Cable (VAC)connection from the
softphone output to WME ... WME sees it as a windows audio device.

However, VAC is closed source and has some other issues.  Has anyone
managed to do this in another way?

It would be really nice to have an open-source virtual soundcard device
operating on the same windows machine with freeswitch server and WME and
the windows streaming engine.

Also, I have been working on modifying the MSVAD-Simple example WDF driver
to work with the freeswitch conference on windows.  Has anyone else been
doing this?  If so, some sample code or whatever you can tell me would be



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