[Freeswitch-dev] Shared voicemail boxes

Michael Taylor michael at omniscient.com.au
Fri Dec 12 20:21:08 PST 2008


I have an interest in setting up FreeSwitch in a small office
where there is only one voicemail box shared by many distinct

I am aware of how I can modify the standard dialplan logic so that
the voicemail application is always given a specific mailbox number
regardless of which extension is dialed.

My question is: How do I get the MWI on different SIP extensions to
all show the status of the single mailbox.

Lets setup an example, we have the following simplified directory
   <user id="200" mailbox="200"/>
   <user id="201" mailbox="200"/>
   <user id="202" mailbox="200"/>
i.e. the intention is for all voicemail to be stored in box number 200
regardless of what extension was called.

currently a SIP phone registered on extension 202 will be notified of
mail in box 202 (the registered extension).

My 2nd question: What is the intended use mailbox="" in a <user>

switch_xml_locate_user() has the ability to locate a user by their
mailbox number, but that would infer that each user would have a
distinct mailbox number (because the function only returns the first
user it finds with that number).

If I was to define how I would want the the mailbox="" value to work,
it would be:  A user in the directory as
   <user id="202" mailbox="200">
would represent that:
a) if you told the voicemail application to record
voicemail for user 202 then it would store it in the box number 200.
b) Later when user 202 requests MWI status, the voicemail module would
lookup the box number 200.
c) When user 202 wants to listen to their messages, they get directed
to box number 200.

a) and c) can be implemented in the dialplan with no coding.
b) would need work in mod_voicemail in its processing of the event MESSAGE_QUERY

If this suggested feature is appropriate then a), b) and c) should all
be done in code so that the default dialplan does not need to be changed,
and it is up to the directory contents as to whether mailboxes are shared
or not.


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