[Freeswitch-dev] Compiling on NetBSD

Michael Taylor michael at omniscient.com.au
Fri Dec 12 19:39:54 PST 2008


I am using FreeSwitch on NetBSD.

Some changes where needed to get FS to compile on NetBSD, these
changes have been documented by Jesse and I at:

My question is: What is the best way to get these changes commited
into the repository?

My guesses are:
- submit bug reports
- request a subversion branch

I understand that certain checks/processes will need to be done before
changes will get committed to the trunk.  Can you give me an overview
of these processes?

As part of the processes to get commits into trunk, what actions can I
take to make this easier?  i.e.  I plan to setup some additional testing
machines with non-NetBSD so that changes I make for NetBSD can be checked
that they do not break other OSs.


Omniscient Australia Pty Ltd
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GPO Box 2705 MELBOURNE 3001

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