[Freeswitch-dev] Need more info on MWI for multi-tenants

Stéphane Alnet stephane at shimaore.net
Thu Aug 28 02:07:55 EDT 2008


I'm having issues with multi-tenant MWI. I started with 1.0.1,
debugged for a while, then noticed
and upgraded to SVN but I'm still having the issue. (I did go over the
diff between 1.0.1 and SVN and couldn't figure out what change was
implemented for MODAPP-126.)

The symptoom I see it is that (vm-)sofia-profile probably doesn't get
passed to actual_sofia_presence_mwi_event_handler(). (I get "Cannot
find profile <domain-name>" because it falls back to trying the domain
name.) I can get rid of the error message by adding the domain name as
an alias in sip_profiles/internal.xml but it doesn't address the
problem (no NOTIFY goes out).

I'm a little bit confused because I would have expected the MWI
component to either (a) try to locate the Contact or maybe the
"presence_id" (specified in "dial-string") for the specific user; or
(b) use a Subscription information from the user.

I've been working on this for a few hours and I'm at the point where I
don't know enough of the internals of FreeSwitch to move forward. I'd
appreciate it if someone could point me to a next step. Thank you!

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