[Freeswitch-dev] Need some info about FreeSwitch

Евгений Золотов zolotov at altron.ua
Tue Aug 26 12:05:35 EDT 2008

We had been developed special PBX for Windows since a few years for our partners. Now we deicide to use FreeSwitch. We had been tested him for a few months, but we get some problems and questions:

1. How do we can realize SS7, probably using libraries of another developers? We need to do this for integrating third-part SS7 solutions into FreeSwitch. We have qualified specialists and we are ready let have results of our job for FreeSwitch Community, but we need some information about details of FreeSwitch.

2. When we have been worked via mod_openzap with E1 of our card we specified call-channel with approximately such kind of record: openzap/1/1 , i.e fixed channel. How do we can specify automatic choosing of сhannel, i.e. that configuring at Asterisk with help of: g/G/r/R ?
We didn't find it at FreeSwitch's descriptions.
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