[Freeswitch-dev] Originating channel of a DTMF event

Juan Jose Comellas juanjo at comellas.org
Mon Aug 11 12:36:47 EDT 2008

I currently have the need to know which channel originated a DTMF event when
inside a bridge. I'm monitoring events through mod_event_socket. The problem
is that, as far as I can see, the originating channel ID is never carried
with the DTMF event. Is there any reason for this?

I've been looking for ways to modify FreeSWITCH to support this and I wanted
to discuss it with the core developers to make sure that whatever
modification I make is acceptable to be merged back into FS. The options I'm
contemplating right now are:

1. Add the originating channel ID to the switch_dtmf_t struct. Pros: don't
need to change the interfaces in any of the functions that are used to send
DTMFs; cons: this change would make the struct almost 8x bigger than what it
currently is.

2. Change switch_core_session_send_dtmf() (switch_core_io.c) to receive the
channel ID as an argument and have the function pass the channel ID to all
the event hooks when they are called.

Is any of these options acceptable? Does anybody have any recommendations
about this?
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