[Freeswitch-dev] conference with background sound + some details on t

t t at c-base.org
Fri Aug 8 06:24:23 EDT 2008

i already asked this on the fs-users list.
so i like to ask the developers if they can give me some hints.

i like to setup conferences with some ambient music in the background.

is there a background sound parameter?

when i use the perpetual sound with local_stream its fine. but all the
users have unmute themselve first.

how can i do things with a user after he entered a conference?
in the dialplan?
via script?
... like unmuting him.

a more general question is how to play no-sound for certain events.
if there is something like:
 <param name="kicked-sound" value="conference/conf-kicked.wav"/>
can i set it to something like:
<param name="kicked-sound" value="nosound"/>

some more background about me ...

i thought it is a really common setup to have conferences with

by thinking deeper about the idea with queuebased conferencing and
room-oriented ivr-system (voice-muds) i started the project blabla (but
its still a on a very beginning) [python + yate]
 -- https://blabla.bountysource.com/ 

i also took part on the idea of VARE (virtual a rendering engines) which
is hyperlinked conferencing. 
or a base for some "audio-web". 
http://blog.justdigits.de/?cat=11 <-- sorry german
but basically a audiointerpretation of documents like 
http://justdigits.de/vare/Erdgeschoss.vare#S by some 16 channel mixer
ontop of asterisk and xmpp.

since 1 year i work on something called dialstation.
which is php+rubyonrails+freeswitch.
more about this can you see on my talk on asterisktag. [where i also
announced the release of FreeSWITCH 1.0 ;-) ]

thats for now. lets see who i meet here on this list.


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