[Freeswitch-dev] [Freeswitch-users] Weekly Wiki CramSessionsproposal!

Michael Collins mcollins at fcnetwork.com
Tue Apr 29 15:21:22 EDT 2008

> I scheduled it for 2 hours but for most of them they'll be 1 hour..
> but that should give us some spare time.
> Can you pick 10-20 API's and Apps that we can go over and verify all
> the docs on the wiki...

I'll throw in a few...

It seems there've been some recent threads about how to handle events
via the event socket, so maybe we can go over this page:

Also, we're getting lots of emails on list where someone says, "I'm new
to FS and I'm trying to get started.  I've installed it with the default
configs but now I'm trying to take the next step..."

Invariably the questions that follow have to do with getting two SIP
phones to register and talk to each other, how to handle NAT, how to get
Gizmodo working, etc.  I'd like to see a page with all of that stuff
consolidated, like a "where to go from here" page for after you've got
everything installed but you haven't started messing with the configs
just yet.


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