[Freeswitch-dev] Long Duration Call run completed

Ken Rice krice at suspicious.org
Sat Oct 6 17:42:10 EDT 2007

Just FYI and a big thanks to Anthm and his team

I have just completed a mid duration test run with FreeSwitch.

Using sipp and a single core Xeon 3.06ghz machine with 1 Gig of ram,
FreeSwitch ran for 27 hours under a call load of 60calls per second, with
each call lasting 5 seconds each. Calls were ran in ³no media mode² passing
the calls to a second FreeSwitch box on identical hardware which Answered
the Calls and played back media until sipp acting as a UAC terminated the

Total Calls Competed: 6,008,187
Total FreeSwitch Session on the relay box: 12,019,199
Average Concurrent Calls: 327
Total Time Ran 27hours

My intent was to leave the test running for 48 hours and try to reach the
10million calls mark, however, I screwed up hit the wrong key (^\) and
forced a segfault into sipp pulling an early abort on the test.

Currently I am working out a test plan to determine several performance
metrics independent of Tony and his team. If anyone has any suggestions on
performace metrics and test tools you would like to see here drop me a note
and let me know.


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