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Trixter aka Bret McDanel trixter at 0xdecafbad.com
Sat Oct 6 15:23:32 EDT 2007

I would suggest that anyone who isnt a core developer to add to the content
of the main FreeSWITCH[tm] page at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreeSWITCH

You dont have to create an account to add content, just click the edit link,
although accounts are also helpful in knowing who exactly is saying
something.  Even 1 line (that is ontopic, relevant, and informative) can be
helpful to show that there is more of a community than 3 people.

In addition to that, please do NOT just list a bunch of links, they will
flag it for spam if you do.  If you want to add links to some resource they
have to be in a paragraph as part of the content, or a footnote at the
bottom of the page.

The more people that add little bits of content about FreeSWITCH[tm] the
less likely calltech will 'win' in his latest attempt to squelch yet another
open source telephony project.

On 10/6/07, Brian West <brian.west at mac.com> wrote:
> I would like to bring this to your attention.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WT:WPSPAM#Newbie_briankwest_.
> 28aka_86.
> The project and I have been defamed on Wikipedia and the comments in
> this about me being hostile and various other things related to the
> FreeSWITCH article.  The wikipedia editor is linking me with an
> anonymous poster and now has elevated this from my inquiry as to why
> he keeps tagging the article as spam to something personal.
> I have forbidden the core freeswitch developers from posting on
> wikipedia since the last time the article was tagged as spam.
> I would also like to point out the person that keeps tagging
> FreeSWITCH as spam and quick deletion has also had OpenSER, YATE and
> Callweaver deleted from wikipedia under similar circumstances.
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Calltech)
> I feel personally damaged by this Wikipedia editors comments directed
> right at me.
> Thanks,
> Brian West
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