[Freeswitch-dev] Help with dial plan

Brian West brian.west at mac.com
Tue Mar 27 23:57:38 EDT 2007

On Mar 27, 2007, at 8:11 PM, Daniel Corbe wrote:

> http://rafb.net/p/2mEe4P69.html
> I was wondering if its possible to get FreeSWITCH to act in the
> following scenario:
> 1) Route a call to an IVR to play a message file...  The IVR will 200
> OK the call, play its prompt, then send a BYE

Wouldn't this end the call? You can't send a BYE then expect the call  
to continue processing.  We say bye its gone.. poof.. finito..

> 2) After this, the call should be tried through a list of carriers.
> If 1 carrier 200 OKs, stop processing.

Easy to do.. either in order or all at once.

> I've implemented a dial plan which I thought would behave in this way;
> however the second <extension> block is NEVER tried on the call.
> Please see the above link for details.
> Thanks.
> -Daniel
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