[Freeswitch-dev] Build problem with xmlrpc_config.h

Michael Jerris mike at jerris.com
Mon Mar 26 11:40:02 EDT 2007

I just did a full build yesterday and it did build fine.  Could you post
the complete build log from a full from scratch build so I can take a
look.  In regards to mod_mono, it is not in a usable state right now.
We need someone to take on maintaining that module to keep it in sync.
If anyone is willing to take on this role, please contact me so we can






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I've just downloaded (yesterday) FreeSWITCH for the first time, loaded
it into VS 2005 and right-clicked Build.


I got the error "PRJ0019 A tool returned an error code from "performing
pre-build event..."" in file xmlrpc.


Followed by lots of errors indicating that xmlrpc_config.h is missing.


This is my first post. I'm really hoping to make use of FreeSWITCH for
an IVR telephony application we have which is written (currently) in


In your opinion is FreeSWITCH (and mod_mono) stable enough yet to
accomplish this?


Many thanks,

Jason Steele



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