[Freeswitch-dev] adding support for incoming streaming audio

Anthony Minessale anthmct at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 9 14:35:15 EST 2007

The proper approach for this would be to use the media_bugs which are 
used to record the session have have been recently enhanced to displace
the actual audio with audio you can replace.

each streaming protocol can implement it's own mod
say "mod_shoutcast" and have an application or api command interface
hook to attach itself to the channel.

media bugs is a concept where you can latch a struct and a callback onto a channel. Your callback will be called continuously when audio is read or
written to a channel and you can choose on setup if you want it to be called
on read/write with muxed audio from both sides of a call or on write giving
you a chance to replace the audio.

If you look in switch_ivr.c in switch_ivr_record_file

You can see this is how it's possible to record from the background.

If you look at mod_ivrtest.c (basically a scratch pad to test code)

the bugtest function shows how to set the channel up to run a bug
that gives you a chance to replace the frames as they are supposed to be 
written to the channel so you could attach your shoutcast socket and whenever
audio was to be written to the channel you could replace the frame with one
from your stream so the caller would hear the stream instead of silence
or whatever the channel was really writing etc.

When a bug is active on a channel it forces trancoding even when it's not 
necessary for a bridge so you can always get the audio as raw SLIN which is 
the only common audio format you can work with when combining media.

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Subject: [Freeswitch-dev] adding support for incoming streaming audio

I'd like to have a streaming audio source (not just playing a local file)
for users while they are parked or waiting for a conference to start.

In digging into FS it seems there are several ways this
might be approached. Of course this is based on only a superficial
understanding of the FS internals.
But I've come up with 6 (count them, 6) possibilities:

1) hack the "playback" application.
Right now, the lookup of driver in switch-core.c is by file suffix
(with no override in xml conf).
Currently the only real format module is mod_sndfile.
(The string constants for metadata like SWITCH_AUDIO_COL_STR_TITLE   
are conveniently set to be identical to the enum used by libsndfile.)

It could be done by hacking mod_sndfile, or instead by
making a new format driver, say "mod_url".
libsndfile does not support mp3 (and won't), and is oriented around local files.
So a mod_url driver would be better, with support for some suffixes  
like .pipe or .m3u or .mp3. It would need to do content-type sniffing
in some cases.

One issue is that it seems that mod_playback is blocking til completion.
There is a timer in switch_ivr_play_file; it would be necessary to invert
control there to allow the processing to proceed without the file ending.

Pros: most useful; wherever a local file is used, a remote could be used instead.
Cons: non-trivial amount of hacking.

2) Use an external process to convert streaming audio into sip.
For example, using mjua or pjsua as sip clients, along with some
command-line streaming audio client such as streamripper.

Pros: no change to FS required
Cons: lots of moving parts, and the SIP gateway utility will probably require some hacking.

3) implement a "mod_shout" as an endpoint for shoutcast/icecast protocol

Pros: fits in well with FS architecture
Cons: requires understanding FS internals concerning threading, buffering, etc.

4) implement a "mod_rtsp" as an endpoint.
This would mean I'd have to be satisfied with supporting only
rtsp streaming audio, not shoutcast/icecast streaming audio.

Pros: In theory there wouldn't be much to do, since there is already RTSP
      support in the FS stack.
Cons: requires underestanding FS internals *and* RTSP streaming audio

5) hack mod_conference to do stream-in just like record-out, as a thread.
[I'm not sure why mod_conference does it that way, rather than at the core
switch level (which *also* has session recording ability) -- isn't the point
of a softswitch framework that it can allow
for arbitrary combinations of modules? Shouldn't there be a way to
supply an arbitrary channel as a member?]

Pros: relatively easy to do by blindly copying the session record case.
Cons: specific to conferencing, and makes mod_conference even bulkier.

6) implement mod_park with specific support for streaming audio
[right now mod_park is just an empty stub.]

Pros: standalone so easier to implement
Cons: limits its usefulness to just that "application"

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