[Freeswitch-dev] XML-RPC

Jonas Gauffin jonas.gauffin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 04:48:54 EST 2007


I've played around with the XML-RPC implementation and I have some
suggestions. The output of all commands are now simple text strings.
That makes the result parsing quite hard for applications that would
like to use the interface (and it's really telnet commands wrapped
into a xmlrpc body).

For instance, take the "show channels" result. It currently looks like
this (have removed the xml rpc body):

10:42:01,PortAudio/1234,CS_EXECUTE,FreeSwitch,5555551212,,1234,bridge,sofia/mydomain.com/1234 at conference.freeswitch.org,L16,8000,L16,8000
10:42:02,sofia/mydomain.com/1234 at conference.freeswitch.org,CS_LOOPBACK,FreeSwitch,5555551212,,mydomain.com/1234 at conference.freeswitch.org,,,PCMU,8000,PCMU,8000

2 total.

That should have been wrapped into xml instead:

<channels count="2">
<created>2007-03-06 10:42:01</created>
[... and all other information ...]

Same goes for all other commands implemented in XML-RPC.

Best regards,

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