[Freeswitch-dev] mod_radiusclient

Chris Parker cparker at segv.org
Fri Jul 20 19:03:15 EDT 2007

I'm the guy who wrote the mod_radius_cdr module, as well as the  
of freeradius-client.  Glad to see that is useful!  :)

Definitely want to assist on this, as radius auth module was the next  
I'd been planning to work on.

If you want to collaborate on this, I'm willing to assist any way I can.

So far, it looks good to me, and I'm looking forward to your code.


On Jul 20, 2007, at 4:20 AM, Tuyan Özipek wrote:

> Hi all,
> Here is a small piece of log from the radius auth module that i wrote.
> Just by curiosity, i patched mod_sofia to handle incoming registration
> requests with radius.I used freeradius-client library like the
> mod_radius_cdr module.Almost all the client configuration is in
> radiusclient.conf.xml.
> I hope i am not duplicating someone else's work.I am planning to
> release it after adding a few more features..If someone has a better
> idea, some thoughts about a cool feature or anything, i will be happy
> to hear that..
> Cheers
> /tuyan

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