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By this I'm assuming you mean to include, "For those of us mere mortals
who don't possess the skill of interpreting what a program does and why
simply by looking at the source code!"  :-)  I respect those who can,




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Do we have any doc that describe the core architecture in the system?
How modules communicate etc?


Trixter aka Bret McDanel wrote: 


On 2/22/07, Brian West <brian.west at mac.com> wrote: 

        Great point.  Now Lets find a few lead people to manage
web and freeswitch-docs and provide guidance in these areas to direct
all this awesome energy everyone has.  I would like to thank Mitul 
Limbani, who has taken a lead part of the freeswitch-web efforts but
he can't do everything alone.  We invite everyone to get involved and
we will do our part to make the resources available of those who know 
the information to assist in the process.  Please contact me off list
if you're interested in getting involved.

It is my belief that this is basically a volunteer project manager for
each of the respective areas of  FreeSWITCH, and that it shouldnt take
more than 2 hours a week (or about 20 minutes a day).  Not terribly time
consuming, but it would allow for tasks to be listed, prioritized,
assigned, and followed up on, and that way we dont have duplication of
work, nor do we have important tasks unfinished.  

I also believe that  this little bit of organization in what needs to be
done can go a long way to making the end result happen faster.


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