[Freeswitch-dev] FreeSWITCH logo contest submission

J. Javier Maestro freeswitch-devel at nosys.es
Fri Feb 9 11:31:20 EST 2007


I have done some mockups for the freeswitch logo,


I have used some of the images I selected from istockphoto.com... I have used
the testing images, that is why you will see the watermarks in some of them
(the ones I could retouch I did so, to try and make the logos more "real").

If any of you like them or the ideas they convey, please feel free to copy
them and improve them!! make a vector image and submit it :)  I am not a
graphics designer, and I don't have the necessary skills.

If one of these logos is chosen,

	- I will pay for the high-res image from istockphoto, or someone
	  could re-do a similar image royalty-free :)
	- I would not claim the price, as I would not be able to do the
	  vector image, I would just like to be mentioned somewhere to feed
	  my ego a little bit :D


J. Javier Maestro  <jjmaestro at nosys.es>
Socio Consultor   -    Nosys AJjV S.L.

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