[Freeswitch-dev] FreeSWITCH logo contest

J. Javier Maestro freeswitch-devel at nosys.es
Thu Feb 8 21:35:12 EST 2007


Your email inspired me to make a collection of pictures that, to me, convey
the meanings of

> > We would like that capture the idea that we are connecting things or
> > converging things.

and of

> To expand on convergence;
> Just as there are different languages around the world, there are different
> languages within communications mediums.  Fax, Email, SMS, Voice, Video,
> IM,
> the list goes on.  FreeSWITCH the univeral translator of communication
> mediums.

Please, check it over here:

	  (the pictures are in no particular order)

Also, the font Jigsaw Stencil-Bold came to my mind,


I think the connected parts suit the theme :)

I hope some talented graphics designer can make something inspiring out of


J. Javier Maestro  <jjmaestro at nosys.es>
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