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Talking about dial plans, let me point out a weakness in all the open source
& lots of the private soft switches when it comes to dial plans.

Lots of people offer soft switch international services. But what they
cannot offer the user their own country dialling.

For example I use an ITSP in Portugal & the UK. I am based in France.

	* to dial Portugal I will use the Portuguese ITSP but I dial locally
as though I am in Portugal. If I want to dial elsewhere, I have to do
(preselection digit) then (+) then (country code) then (strip out the zero)
then (the rest of the plan)
	* similarly for the UK 

So for either of these I have to do a who stack of dial plans in my PC/CPE
to account for this.

A smarter way is for the soft switch to know the person is French, i.e. user
inputs his physical location during subscription or ITSP does a whois lookup
& finds out where (what country) the user's IP address is allocated to, then
modifies the dial plan. The complexity here would be that during the
dialling, the soft switch must also know what gateway it is going to use,
where it is, i.e. which country & region, and do the necessary digit

The commercial systems do this like Broadsoft, Netcentrex, Cirpack etc.

This sound reasonable? I know it is a difficult task as I ask my engineers
to look at it & they said it is more difficult as you also have to add all
the other route fail-over, call forwarding etc. rules in to the equation.


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I have redone the localized dialplan stuff, there is even a readme file.
The scope of this is limited, its only to provide a replacement dialplan
for what users would be used to in a given country.  That way the way
they used the PSTN telephone provider they can with freeswitch.

Currently there is:
NANPA (the 18 or so countries that are country code 1)
Spain - thanks to David Villasmil
Venezuela - thanks to David Villasmil

If you want to create a new one for your local area the readme gives
full instructions on how.

The rumor is that this is going to go into trunk soon so getting this
filled out (it only takes 2 minutes) would be nice.

look for it in SRC/scripts/contrib/trixter/dialplan in an svn repository
near you.

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