[Freeswitch-dev] Solaris build/DTrace status

Anthony Minessale anthmct at yahoo.com
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Sadly we don't have any solaris install to make these things obvious.
Linux is way to liberal in general even with all the warnings on 
things still slip by in the code and they also make no distinction between
what is bash specific (I'd love to know since i am doing nothing but if stmts
in most of the scripts.)  If someone wants to lend me access to thier solaris
box until we get one I can probably get it building right at least with gnu
stuff.  (I really get annoyed with this stuff cos I like things to be perfect)

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Hi Guys!

First of all after poking around freeswitch source code a bit I've
decided that personally I would really like to apply DTrace to
it to see what's going on w.r.t. threading. Hence I really need
to make sure that it builds on Solaris10/SPARC. Because of that
I decided to put other things (like PerfAnalyzing it on Linux
on a backburner) and focus on at least building it on Solaris.

I think I'm making some progress there, but it also seems to me
that your build process might need a bit of a cleanup. Little
things like specifying #!/bin/sh but actually expecting bash.
Little things -- but they do add up.


P.S. And if anybody has any tips for me w.r.t. SPARC/Solaris
build I'd be more than happy to hear them.

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