[Freeswitch-dev] mod_cepstral and session.hangup() in javascript

Nikolay Kolev me at nikolay.com
Wed Sep 20 11:47:52 EDT 2006

Great, Anthony! It works perfectly!


The only problem I'm having w/ mod_cepstral is that if you let it say
"Goodbye!", for example, you'll hear just "Bye!" (David 8kHz) and it's valid
for most phrases - it cuts off the first sounds, but it might be something
outside of FreeSwitch, I guess.


Nikolay Kolev

kolev @ #freenode


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I found the bug, I had to reset a pointer when reallocing memory for the

it should be fixed in trunk now.


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Subject: [Freeswitch-dev] mod_cepstral and session.hangup() in javascript

Hi all!


On September 9 there was a change in mod_cepstral to switch to dynamic
buffers, but at the same time the buffer size got reduced. As a result, the
module broke and in some situations it cut off sounds, crapping out totally
the TTS. I restore the buffer size to the old value (1024 * 256) and it
works perfectly again! Can somebody patch the trunk as most probably I don't
have the rights to do so.


Also, some of the commits to the core today fixed the problem with
session.hangup() in javascript not closing the session. Now, it works
properly! Thanks, guys!


Nikolay Kolev

kolev @ #freenode

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