[Freeswitch-dev] FreeSWITCH Developing: Getting Started

Michael Collins mcollins at fcnetwork.com
Tue Sep 12 15:15:22 EDT 2006

Hey gang,

I was wondering if anyone else out there is feeling like I am.  I want
to learn more about FreeSWITCH and eventually have something of
substance to contribute.  I confess: I'm not sure where to begin.  I've
been poring over the source code but that isn't ideal, nor is it
efficient.  That's kind of like trying to learn English by reading the
dictionary!  I'm hoping there's a better way to get my feet wet.

Are there any other docs out there that contain a higher-level look at
the guts of FreeSWITCH?  If not, is there anyone willing to answer some
'getcha pointed in the right direction' kinds of questions?  I'm very
interested in knowing how some of you more advanced developers got your
feet wet.  Were there any tips, tricks, or shortcuts that helped you
with the initial learning curve?  What advice do you have for the
wannabe FreeSWITCH contributor?

Many thanks to you all!


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