[Freeswitch-dev] How to compile mod_wanpipe

Nguyen Trung Tin thienvinh2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 6 00:09:41 EDT 2006

Hello All

How to compile mod_wanpipe on Windows.
I compile allmost module of freeswitch on windows success.
with wanpipe. i have download from ftp.sangoma.com/windows/custom/wanpipe for freeswitch/AFT_beta_6_0_0_1.zip
and compile, but have more error

please me

AmberVoIP <ambervoip at gmail.com> wrote: But it is almost same - i subscribed to other lists and there is no  
problems with requests to unsubscribe.

Problem is in freeswitch. At beginning there was subscribtion - 'we will  
inform you when product will be released'.
Many people keep email there and in a time that become a mail list.
At least i expected some info and not mail list, and i do nto cry  
'unsubscribe me', because interesting in this product :)


Amon Ghupta  wrote:

> Hello,
> It appears that one quick and easy way to solve this problem is to start
> a Google FreeSwitch Group.
> What do you think Brian?
> Just keep this open long enough for everyone to move to the Google Group
> -E

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