[Freeswitch-dev] migrating from Asterisk...

Sebastian Replanski sreplans at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 4 10:10:38 EDT 2006

Hi List,

I am very excited to have come across FreeSWITCH, thanks, thanks , 

I am trying to see if it will be possible to migrate a system I have 
developed from Asterisk
to Freeswitch, i know.., i know.. FS its not "production" ready yet, and 
your system will explode if you use it... But asterisk, while stable and 
good, its too bloated for what I need to do, while FS seems perfect for the 

can the following be done with FS?

1) automatically originate calls out to users (may be through the xml-rpc?) 
how do I go about it?

2) play an IVR, and if at one point user A presses "1", he/she gets put on 
hold, waiting to connect to user B. I know the IVR part can be done with the 
javascript interface (is this the most scalable way? is there a C interface 
as well, i only see JS and perl? (i need to be able to scale up to 1000's of 
this calls), the hold can be just a "playback" function.

3) THE TRICKY PART, when user B also has pressed "1" to connect to user A, 
bridge the call. (here is where I am not sure how to do it,In Asterisk, I 
currently store the channel info of both users and redirect user A's channel 
to user's B) can this be done with FS? I know I can originate legA, and legB 
and bridge them, but I've only seen this done from the same Javascript, here 
the calls are originated by some other mean. is there a way to store the 
session info on the DB?
otherwise I would bneed to make sure all calls originate form the same JS 
and keep references to it on some sort of table. any ideas?

Also, can user B be on an entirely different FreeSwitch server and still be 
bridged to User A ??

4) finally are there efforts to allow FS to interact with Mysql? and if so 
who is working on it. :)


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