[Freeswitch-dev] Happy Holidays.....

Brian West brian.west at mac.com
Mon Dec 25 11:07:52 EST 2006

Dear Fellow FreeSWICHers,
	That time of year is approaching where I am trying to get things  
lined up for Cluecon '07.  I'm doing a call for speakers for the '07  
season.  We are shooting for the last week in June and working hard  
to finalize the location (which is in Chicago as it is every year).   
Now if you wish to speak at Cluecon let me know... if you have an  
idea for a topic you would like to see or someone you think should be  
at Cluecon then please send me a followup email and we can discuss  
possible topics.  Cluecon is open to all open source telephony and  
its a very developer centered conference.  If you need me to sell the  
idea to your boss please let me know I will make the call.  ;)

Brian West

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