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You are really going to need some feedback about this one.
Its been a terribly long time, and i have forgotten most of the issues we faced.. 
but when we ported a unified messaging product many years ago to some of the eastern languages.  It was almost impossible to abstract this concept out.

Abstracting something like speaking a URL, Phone number, Numeric string is perfectly attainable...
but constructing a useful working sentence is much more complicated..

given "You have 1000 messages", in english.

may need to say "1000 messages you have", before it makes any sense in Chinese or Piglatin or whatever.

In which case, you end up having to write seperate IVR code for each language anyway.  and having a "multi-lingular say API" is of extremely limited usefulness.

I am not bilingual.. heck i never did any good in English class either.
Im not trying to throw poo on the idea..  just skeptical about how useful this may turn out, for anything but a handful of commonly constructed languages.

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  The idea is great!


  OpenPBX seems to have one something similar, but it's unfortunately GPL.


  BTW, SSM_ITTERATED is misspelled. What would be the difference between SSM_ITERATED and SSM_PRONOUNCED?


  Nikolay Kolev


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  I'm working on a muiti-lingual say api for ivr programmers to be able 

  to generate audio for saying numbers, counting items or expressing amounts of things such as currency.  I'd like some input from anyone who has some ideas

  on how to make sure we cover all bases.


  The basic idea is that we will have an api where each new language/implementation would provide it's own version of this function.


  switch_status_t say(char *tosay,
                      switch_say_gender_t gender,
                      switch_say_type_t type,
                      switch_say_method_t method,
                      switch_input_callback_function_t dtmf_callback,
                      void *buf,
                      uint32_t buflen);

  The enums are described in http://www.freeswitch.org/eg/say_api.c


  the idea would be something like 


  switch_say_handle_t *en;


  en = switch_say_load("en");


  switch_ivr_play_file(session, NULL, "/sounds/youhave.wav", NULL, NULL, NULL, 0);


  switch_ivr_play_file(session, NULL, "/sounds/msgs.wav", NULL, NULL, NULL, 0);




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