[Freeswitch-dev] Blackfin port notes

David Rowe david at rowetel.com
Thu Aug 10 22:58:13 EDT 2006


Nice meeting you guys on the conference channel.  I have had an initial
look at the Freeswitch source and have a few thoughts on a potential
port to the Blackfin:

1/ We will probably need to set up a "staging directory" type structure
where we build x-compiled versions of the external libraries like osip,
exosip, jtrhead, and jrtplib for the Blackfin.  Then we can link
Freeswitch against them.  My uCasterisk build environment is an example
(download the tar ball if u like and check it out - there are
instructions on the x-compiler tools u need on my web site).

2/ The Blackfin doesn't have an FPU, so any float code will run way
slow.  This is a problem for the Asterisk port also (at present) - just
means we need a nice fixed point library for the DSP stuff.  That will
happen soon.....

More later after I think about it a bit more....pls feel free to ask me
any questions.

- David

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