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*​Important Information*
*August 2016*
8th: Coder Games
8th-11th: Conference
12th: FreeSWITCH Training <>

Register Now! <>


ClueCon is a VoIP/WebRTC/IOT conference operated by the core FreeSWITCH
team.  Our motto is: "by developers for developers"  Every August, we
gather the lead developers and contributors of all the mainstream open
source projects that are relevant in the industry.  We spend all week
having conversations and debates and working on code and giving
presentations to the audience on all the latest technology being developed
around the world.  We start the week off with the ClueCon Coder Games which
is an all-day hack-a-thon and finish up with FreeSWITCH Training.  There
are presentations and background hack-a-thon activities going on all week
with a full schedule of presentations.  ClueCon is a networking event you
just cannot miss!

​ClueCon is not a typical cookie-cutter EXPO that aims to get you face to
face with a salesman in an endless sea of booths. ClueCon was designed to
bring everyone interested in technology-driven communication to one place
to share ideas, learn from each other, and build the tools needed to help
you reach your goals. Everyone has something to gain, from a seasoned
web-developer playing with new ideas, to a C.E.O. of a company looking to
take advantage of real-time communication. Presentations are given in a
large classroom format, but plenty of time is reserved for social
interaction and getting to know the speakers and sponsors. And, we have had
a wide range of sponsors like U.K. telecom giants such as Truphone and
Simwood to more local North American companies like Sangoma, Flowroute, and

ClueCon takes great care in finding the bleeding edge topics and inviting
innovators to come discuss their ideas with like-minded people. Our Coder
Games are designed to be hands on, allowing our hundreds of attendees to
get involved and participate in the newest technological advances in the
industry. By crowd-sourcing sponsor APIs to use during the hack-a-thon we
allow our participants an opportunity to show the industry what they can do
with the latest and greatest industry tools available. And since it is
hosted in sunny Chicago, ClueCon is surrounded by bustling city life with
plenty of after hours activities for everyone. Whether you are taking an
architecture themed boat tour of the river-walk or enjoying one of the
thousands of restaurants there is always something to do and each year
offers new opportunities for conference events!

Registration for ClueCon 2016 is open! And we have a buy now, pay later
option! You can register today and receive your invoice in July! Click here
to register now to reserve your seat! We have a number of new and exciting
updates this year including a new pizza place for the annual pizza party.
And, don't forget to attend the ClueCon Coder Games on Monday the 8th! This
year will be incorporating 3D printers and IoT elements into the games in
addition to the usual hack-a-thon and sponsor API competition. There are
going to be some wonderful prizes so come prepared!

☞ #freeswitch ☞ *

ClueCon Weekly Development Call
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Join us at ClueCon 2016 Aug 8-12, 2016
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