[Freeswitch-branches] [commit] r5193 - freeswitch/branches/greenlizard/src/include

Freeswitch SVN greenlizard at freeswitch.org
Wed May 16 14:12:23 EDT 2007

Author: greenlizard
Date: Wed May 16 14:12:23 2007
New Revision: 5193


Sync up changes from trunk version 5170 to 5186, attempt #2 due to merge error

Modified: freeswitch/branches/greenlizard/src/include/switch_ivr.h
--- freeswitch/branches/greenlizard/src/include/switch_ivr.h	(original)
+++ freeswitch/branches/greenlizard/src/include/switch_ivr.h	Wed May 16 14:12:23 2007
@@ -92,13 +92,20 @@
   \brief Parse command from an event
-  \param session the session to send the message to
-  \param event the event to send
+  \param session the session on which to parse the event
+  \param event the event to parse
   \return SWITCH_STATUS_SUCCESS if successful
 SWITCH_DECLARE(switch_status_t) switch_ivr_parse_event(switch_core_session_t *session, switch_event_t *event);
+  \brief Parse all commands from an event
+  \param session the session on which to parse the events
+  \return SWITCH_STATUS_SUCCESS if successful
+SWITCH_DECLARE(switch_status_t) switch_ivr_parse_all_events(switch_core_session_t *session);
   \brief Wait for time to pass for a specified number of milliseconds
   \param session the session to wait for.
   \param ms the number of milliseconds

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