[Freeswitch-branches] [commit] r3838 - freeswitch/branches/knhor/trunk/conf

Freeswitch SVN knhor at freeswitch.org
Tue Dec 26 23:28:49 EST 2006

Author: knhor
Date: Tue Dec 26 23:28:49 2006
New Revision: 3838


explicit comments about the resrved caller control group names

Modified: freeswitch/branches/knhor/trunk/conf/freeswitch.xml
--- freeswitch/branches/knhor/trunk/conf/freeswitch.xml	(original)
+++ freeswitch/branches/knhor/trunk/conf/freeswitch.xml	Tue Dec 26 23:28:49 2006
@@ -373,8 +373,10 @@
 	<room name="888 at sub.mydomain.com" status="FreeSWITCH"/>
-<!-- These are the default keys that map when you do not specify a caller control group -->	
-<!-- Note: none and default are reserved names for group names -->	
+<!-- Below is the default key map that is used when you do not specify a caller -->
+<!-- control group or when you use the group named "default". -->
+<!-- Note: The group names "none" and "default" are resreved built-in group definitions, and -->
+<!-- any re-definitions of these groups WILL NOT take precedence over the built-in definitions! -->
 	  <group name="default">
 	   <control action="mute" digits="0"/>

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