[Freeswitch-biz] Direct inward dialing delivery of Mexico city, Monterrey, Guadalajara.

Nauman Ibrahim ni at supertec.com
Fri May 28 21:19:45 MSD 2010


Our VP Suzanne Bowen and our CEO Rehan Ahmed enjoyed meeting with many of
you at Cluecon last year and ITW in DC this week.

One of the projects we just brokered because of meetings at these events is
an offer of any mix of direct inward dialing delivery of Mexico City
(+5255), Monterrey (+5233) and Guadalajara (+5281) on the wholesale
www.didx.net to activated buyer members:

No setup charge (zero)
MRC: $0.99 USD (monthly recurring)
Price per inbound minute: 0.01 usd

Message me off the list for follow up on email, instant messenger or voice.
It's a great deal. We are working on other ways to enable FreeSWITCH-Biz
List members who use wholesale DIDX. See you all at Cluecon in August at the
new location the Trump Hotel in Chicago!!

Much appreciated,

Kind regards,

Nauman Ibrahim Syed
Manager Carrier Relations and Fraud Prevention.
Great offer 1000 USA DIDs for 150$.
Didx special offer :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iew-LVDVbLs
Direct #:1-718-395-8986.
Fax: 1-206-339-4203.
Gtalk:ni at supertec.com <Gtalk%3Ani at supertec.com>
MSN:sales at didx.net <MSN%3Asales at didx.net>
Email:ni at supertec.com <Email%3Ani at supertec.com>
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